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Competition is fierce when it comes to acquiring customers or attracting new talents to join your team. We all want our businesses to be recognized as the obvious choice in our respective industries. Our SML brand video is a top marketing asset that will set you apart from your competitors. How? Very simple. It establishes an emotional connection with your audience. Are you ready to humanize your business? 


01 Strategy

We personally guide you through our video design sprint to better understand your market and goals in order for us to develop your video idea.

02 Shoot

We come to your location with the required crew and equipment to film. This is often a fun and memorable experience for our clients.

03 Edit

Within 10 business days, you will receive the final video with professional color correction, music, motion graphics and optimization for social media.

04 Upload

We follow up with you throughout the following months to ensure your video is successfully distributed on the proper channels.


01 Outline

We create an outline that documents your shot list, people and time duration to stay organized and prepared.

02 Video

We provide a video that is customized to your business and optimized for social media. This means you'll receive your video in wide, square and vertical orientation.

03 Full Rights

You have full rights to your video and HD to 4K raw footage.

04 Consultation

We'll provide up to date strategies on how you can effectively plan and distribute your videos throughout our 12 months.