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How did you connect with your audience or customers in 2020? Did you utilize videos?  

2020 has brought forth many challenges for businesses and organizations. The importance of building an online presence and platform has grown significantly. It's no secret that video marketing is a textbook strategy to build successful businesses and organizations. 

At Soul Media Lab, we've continued to adjust our services to meet the COVID-19 safety protocols. In 2020, we helped businesses plan out short 15-60 second videos that can be posted throughout the year. This product is also known as our Social Media Sprint


In our 2020 recap video below, you'll notice how we optimize each video for social media. What does that mean? First, you'll notice the incorporation of subtitles or closed captions for accessibility and attention. Most importantly, you'll notice that we export square and story versions for our clients. Social Media has grown past the traditional wide format. The rise of TikTok and Instagram story/reel demands vertical videos for their attention-grabbing capabilities.  


Are you growing your online presence? Are you taking advantage of videos?

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